Searches and Your Website

Before doing anything to harness the Search Engines (Google is the Gorilla), you need to do some homework. Like, how wide is your customer catchment area - 10km radius, statewide, national or international. They are treated differently.

Keywords and Phrases

Next, we need to figure out what your customers are putting into the search bar when they are looking for the stuff you happen to sell. Fortunately there are some handy tools provided by Google to work this out, so we are not flying blind.

Paid Search

There's free stuff and there's paid stuff. The free stuff takes a while to kick in but the paid stuff can give results straight away.

What About the Website Content

Google has come full circle - they now want quality content for their users. They strive to provide a good outcome for every search. Trickery will now backfire and kick you off the search results. So think about how you talk with your customers face to face and how they expect quality advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. This is how you should approach your content.

Our years of experience have shown that business owners generally go into brain freeze when asked to write about their business and the whole production process comes to grinding halt. We've got a few good methods to drag this info out of you, so give us a call on 03 9017 4390.

Who's Going to the Work?

If things are really tight you can do all this yourself for little or no cost. There is plenty of info on the net - just Google it. But if you are a savvy business head, you know it's better to do what you do best and get others to do what they do best.

We are ready to help - just call us on 03 9017 4390