Website Design and Local Business

The Internet and Sales Leads

It used to be "buy bigger and brighter ads in the Yellow Pages". It took all year to pay it off and unless you were diligent in tracking new customers, you never knew if it was worthwhile.

A LARGE expense often motivated by the fear your competitor might get the best spot. I'm sure it kept many local business owners awake at night. Well things have changed for the better for all Local Businesses - thanks to the Internet and Google searches.

Local Business

Local Business is often referred to as "Bricks and Mortar" business. If you are a local business, it's most likely that 80% of their customers live within a 10 Km radius of you. For the best results you should target your advertising to this local market. Here is a sample of the outdated and ineffective Advertising mediums:

  • Yellow Pages - what do you use yours for?
  • Newspapers - declining
  • TV - expensive and ads are often fast forwarded
  • Telemarketing - Do Not Call Lists have limited the effectiveness
  • Direct Mail - expensive with mostly 1% to 2% yield
  • Magazine Ads - getting more and more expensive
  • Email - inexpensive but emails are often dumped by Spam Software (can be ok if managed correctly).

Harnessing the Internet

The internet is the place to be for local business. Most people search on Google when they need something, particularly a service or a product from a local business. In fact searching on Google could be considered the modern version of "Yellow Pages".

We Can Help

You can do it yourself for sure, but it will take up a lot of your valuable time. You've probably got enough on your plate without adding a new task.

It's not just about web design, but a whole strategy with a specific goal in mind - that goal could be an increase in sales leads. There are likely to be a range of components in the strategy, including SEO, online methods and traditional - but tailored to reach your demographic.

Everything's measured - spending big advertising dollars without knowing it was worthwhile isn't ideal!

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The Sales Formula

  • You need to be found online
  • Being found means More Traffic
  • More Traffic means More Customers
  • More Customers means More Sales

Running a Local Business is Like Juggling